Crohn’s sufferer, 29yrs

Linda really changed how i view my health - there’s me thinking I had to just put up with stuff, turns out you can do something about it! I’m annoyed with myself that I didn’t go this route sooner..

Teacher, 28yrs

“I had IBS (8 years) and felt like I had tried everything that Dr google and books had to offer like FODMAP, taking out wheat & dairy etc. Linda sent me off for specialist testing straight away, and I felt like someone finally took my issues seriously. I have continued to see Linda for 5 months now, and I am very happy to say that my life is no longer dominated by that terrible affliction. I wish I would have seen Linda many years earlier!!”

Events organiser, 36yrs

“..Just wanted to say thank you so much for recommending liver support - I genuinely think it’s made a huge difference!! Really gives me energy and makes me feel great, and hangovers are not a patch on what they use to be. Thank you :) ”

“I got back into my dresses after 2 months and feeling much better bloating wise too. It wasn’t even too difficult, I enjoyed the healthier food and I would actually let myself have something naughty like a pizza or a dessert one day of the week...the bloating was completely gone.”
— Animator from London
“I can’t recommend Linda enough! I was very apprehensive about going to a Nutritionist as I didn’t want to give up the foods that I like to eat and be told to eat kale all day. I also won’t eat meat. She created a schedule for me that listed alternatives of my favourite foods, which made it seem so much more achievable. She also explained to me what’s causing my obesity, which I don’t think I had really understood before. She made me feel better about myself, and I’m SO pleased and very proud over my progress!!”
— Accountant, 44yrs
“I bought the supplement you recommended for my daughters stomach pains, and within days she was completely pain free. After months or awful pains and missing school! Thank you so much for your kind recommendations...
— Mum to 12yr old
...I have noticed that I don’t have sugar cravings! I am very happy, I thought it was impossible for me!! :) and I have also noticed that I don’t need snack most days... Thank you for all your help, much appreciated!
— International Client, 26yrs
“I came to see Linda in desperation after suffering with low mood & other strange health problems - the Doctors tests all came back fine. I found Linda really on the ball - she knew instantly what tests to send me off for, and had I not, I would never have found out I have an unusual metabolic condition which means I will always have a Vitamin B6 deficiency unless i supplement, and it’s changed everything.”
— Michael, 40yrs
I was very impressed with how quickly Linda got to the root of fixing my issues. 
I really enjoyed my sessions with Linda, she broke down the complicated jargon and made a simple and easy plan I felt confident to follow.
— Mum of two, 38yrs