Hormones aren't just oestrogen and testosterone. They also make sleep and fat burning happen, and govern metabolism and how much we want to eat.

Hormones are messengers, giving instructions from brain to organ, or organ-to-organ, creating adaptive changes in the body.  Without them, we might not be more more than a simple structure, with not a lot of action!

We drive a few of our hormones hard in our society, specifically stress hormones and insulin. This can have a profound effect on the sensitive balance of all other hormones, adding to low mood, fatigue, poor concentration, problems with fertility, excessive appetite or 'food addiction', and many more lifestyle related signs and symptoms. 

This program looks to root out underlying the hormonal condition, to assess where more emphasis is needed and which hormones are being produced in excess. Functional testing can be a very useful tool in this area, and I am able to refer you for specialist lab testing. 

Bespoke nutrition together with a few lifestyle changes, can create enormous improvements in life quality, and many are unaware of the detrimental effects on wellbeing from incorrect diet or occasionally lifestyle.