Why do you need a Nutrition Professional?

  1. QUICKER RESULTS - remove the 'guesswork' that comes with working out what's going on with your health, how & what to eat to suit you, and how to prepare your food

  2. TARGETED NUTRITION - while there's no 'magic bullet' when it comes to improving your health, a professional approach can help you get noticeable results in a shorter time

  3. FULL BODY ASSESSMENT - from dental health to vision, identifying imbalances which could be decreasing your wellbeing right now

  4. PROFESSIONAL DIET ANALYSIS - highlighting and addressing of potential shortfalls and insufficiencies 





























The Consultation

  1. I carry out an depth analysis of your current diet, and discuss with you my findings and how it may be linked to your health symptoms.

  2. I carry out a top-to-tail analysis your health status, looking at your digestion, elimination, hormones (thyroid, adrenal, sex hormones etc), appropriate detoxification function, structure, repair, immune system defense and more. We run through any highlighted imbalances and discuss how they might have appeared, and what may be making them worse.

  3. After your consultation, you will receive your personalised report with meal suggestions + supplement advice + lab testing or GP referrals (if required) + any useful handouts with information or useful recipes via email.

My Method - Nutritional Therapy & Functional Medicine

I investigate what's underlying your presenting symptoms and health concerns on a biological system basis. I look at what could be 'irritating' your body function, deficiencies which inhibiting or blocking 'metabolic' function - leading to dysfunction.  Are there nutritional in-sufficiencies, leading to a lack of appropriate function to keep up with demand? Do you have a genetic variance which could potentially expose you to a lesser function, coupled with excessive demand due to lifestyle such as alcohol consumption, stress, lack of movement and exercise, which predisposes you to an inability to break a substance down? 

Vitamins and minerals play a vital part in hundreds of different metabolic (molecular pathways that creates an action or function) functions, needed for your organs and structure to do their job to keep you alive.  Just like we need to ingest raw material to make energy and excrete waste continously to stay alive, so must each cell in your body. You may think that you get enough nutrients in the diet, but in clinic I rarely see evidence that most people manage to meet their demands. 

A Nutritionist learn many of these pathways and which organs and function need which nutrients, so that we can identify and piece together seemingly unrelated signs and symptoms to identify dysfunction or imbalance.  

In functional medicine, we specifically look at and support functional systems which underpin health such as assimilation of nutrients, elimination of wastes, biotransformation (detoxification), transport of wastes/nutrients/oxygen, energy production, communication (hormones), defence and repair, and structure. 

'The Signs & Symptoms' - what you might be feeling

  • Gastrointestinal dysfunction

  • Inflammation & immune dysregulation - representing as joint pain, auto-immune conditions

  • Hormonal imbalance and interplay - adrenal, thyroid and sex hormones in particular

  • Insulin, leptin and appetite and energy regulating hormone resistance and sensitivity

  • Oxidative stress & mitochondrial function and the effect on ageing, energy, and inflammation

  • Toxins, toxicity and impaired biotransformation (detoxification) and the systemic effects

  • Food sensitivities & allergies