An investigatory program to get to the root digestive & gut function, using specialist private lab testing* and a proactive clinical approach. 

No gut dysfunction can be addressed without first looking at the basics - are your bowels moving appropriately or is a slow bowel movement leading to an overgrowth of putrid bacteria? Do you have appropriate stomach acid to kill off offending bacteria and to kickstart digestion? Are you producing the digestive enzymes you need, or is there something going on which is inhibiting this action, leading to malabsorption, wind and bloating?  Have you acquired a fructose or lactose intolerance as the years and poor digestive health have progressed? Is persistent diarrhoea causing you to fail to absorb the nutrients you eat, or losing minerals you need to sustain energy and health? Do you have a congenital or acquired lack of secretory IgA, a hugely important gut immune function, compromising your gut membrane health & increasing your risk of intestinal permeability ('leaky gut' - and yes there is now sufficient evidence to support the theory)?  As you can see, digesting your food is an enormously complex machine and there are many opportunities for things to go wrong.  A dysfunction can often be linked to a 'lack of' something (fiber, a nutrient needed to produce an enzyme or gut membrane, an immune function element, bile, detoxification enzymes, etc etc) or an 'excess of' something (sugar, feeding the wrong gut inhabitants, stagnant faeces, over eating, etc), and identifying what's underlying and/or perpetuating this is important. 

We also can't mention gut health without a focus on our microbiome ('gut flora') - and it's importance in health and life.  Research is unravelling a remarkable link between gut flora and obesity, auto immune diseases and many other health conditions. Our gut flora has even been shown to be 'speaking to our genes'.  


This program is for those who wish to tackle their more serious gut condition or their IBS, bloating, constipation, wind or indigestion. Or you may want the right nutritional support for IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) or Celiac recovery. But it is also very much for those who have identified (or would like help identifying) gut health as a root cause for their skin issue (anything from excessive cold sores and dermatitis to more serious skin issues), or pain or inflammatory problems with joint, bone and muscle health.  Where there is a gut problem, we often see issues in these areas. In Autoimmunity conditions, thyroid conditions and even mood and mental health, we can no longer ignore the evidence showing the strong link with gut health. 


  • Remove 'Irritants' in diet & lifestyle & focus on good elimination

  • Support digestive enzymes, stomach acid and ensure efficient nutrient absorption

  • Reinoculate healthy gut flora

  • Repair gut lining

*Tests used may include:  Comprehensive stool tests/sibo/parasite & yeast testing/gut flora (microbiome)/ digestive enzymes & function, inflammation, gut mucosa health/intestinal permeability (’leaky gut’).  

*If testing is not an option, we can proceed without using clinical tools only. However, testing is recommended in all cases as it can be a fantastically useful tool, allowing us to apply really targeted nutrition and helpful supplements, often saving many months of clinical exploration.  Do get in touch if you wish to discuss this in more detail or have any concerns.  


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