You may have a hunch when you have a good chomp into the leaves of a Spring Green, that there's got to be something special about this vegetable.  Very fibrous, a bitter taste and, just! You just know instinctively that this has got to be a very healthy vegetable indeed. In fact, I would go even further and call this a real Superfood.  A cheap, locally grown and easily available Superfood - what are we waiting for, fill your basket!

Spring Greens are actually rather similar genetically to curly Kale. If you are brave enough, and indeed it appears I am, have a go at replacing Spring Greens instead of Kale in your green smoothie. Just don't have it everyday - as it may compete with Iodine uptake, needed to make the hormone Thyroxine. 

The family of vegetables in which Spring Greens belong (cruciferous), really is a cornerstone in Nutritional Medicine.  It has been shown to be very supportive in the Liver detoxification process, and is also a very powerful anti-oxidant.  So this is a true Detox and Anti Aging Vegetable.  It's also unusually rich in Vitamin C, A Bioflavanoids, Folic Acid (for your pregnant-to-be ladies out there) as well as Manganese, but you may not have known that Spring Greens actually contain a surprising amount of protein!

But make sure you eat it fresh.  You will note that left in the fridge for too long, the leaves will begin to loose it's fantastic green blood building chlorophyll rich green colour, and it will start to taste rather bitter.