You will be aware of the ‘exercise and eat more vegetables’ advice of course, however this may be less helpful when attempting to improve health markers such as cholesterol and high blood pressure. Considerably more personalised and specific advise is critical for success, and to make the experience easy and comfortable.

Your protocol would include supplements and food to address chronic low grade inflammation, foods which directly improve cholesterol levels or raised blood pressure, and specific antioxidants that assist in keeping arteries healthy. In addition, if metabolic disease is an element or there are concerns about weight (specifically weight around the middle which forms part of this disease picture), this needs addressing too. We know now that the gut microbiome is involved in our metabolism, so if relevant this will be investigated in detail, using microbiome screening tests and analysis. Any other ‘comorbidities’ (other health conditions along side it) will also be considered, addressed or referred onto medical specialists as necessary.

You will also receive simple and quick stress relieving techniques and some advise on how to get some movement into your life. You won’t be pressured to turn into a gym-bunny - realistic goals only.


You may be worried about a family history of heart disease, or have raised cholesterol with talk about needing medication. Or perhaps you are taking medication, but would like better strategies to manage your health or improve how you feel in yourself.