who am i?








who am i?



My Story

Growing up in Sweden in a 'Lentils & Yoga' household in the early 70's, my first inspiration was my mother - a keen Naturopath enthusiast and organic vegetable grower - decades before it was fun to have a mother who made us drink carrot juice. 

Having been immersed in nutrition, plant power and health all my life, my next step followed naturally. I studied Nutritional Therapy for 3 years with the prestigious College of Naturopathic Nutrition in London (a BANT accredited qualification) qualifying in 2007. My passion for understanding the science behind how plants and nutrients interact with health and disease on a scientific level, has since driven me to deepen my learning with a BSc in Nutritional Science and Functional Medicine (CNELM/Middlesex Uni).  Adding this knowledge to my existing understanding has revolutionised my practise, allowing me to research a disease mechanism in scientific literature whilst practising with a whole-body naturopathic based approach, which will always be closest to my heart. 


'...Although my passion and the core of my business is consulting private clients, I also act as a consultant in the 'Super-Food' industry, hold events & run exciting nutrition & yoga retreats and workshops in London and Stockholm...'



  • Member of: British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy (BANT)

  • Full Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Member of Royal Society of Medicine

  • Data protection, ICO

  • NLP Practitioner


Why Me?

My core values has always centred around helping people, and my passion lies in clinical work.

Many people are simply unaware, that they can improve the version of themselves with natural medicine - no matter how perfect they were to start with :).

10 years experience in the industry together with a lifetime of experimenting on myself, has helped me form a unique approach and clinical experience. Unlike many other health professionals, I live as I teach, and therefore have a deep level of knowledge around foods, and the application of foods to fit practical requirements.